Frequently Asked Questions

Because a Karaoke Live is the best interactive musical animation for your customers.

They will have memorable photos, videos to share and great memories of your venue.

A Karaoke Live Band is also more profitable than a Top 40 band.

We arrive a few hours before the show to set up our equipment.

The registrations are opened 1 hour before the show.

We start with a concert part.

The Karaoke Live begins, you are called on stage.

You are a Star !!!

3  artists or 4 artists depending on your budget.

2 adults or 1 child + 1 adult.
For safety reasons and the good progress of the evening, we will always respect this gauge.

From a certain age, of course.
For safety reasons, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Certainly you can.
We are on stage to assist you and give you a great time.
You are in good hands.

Evidently we will. 
Zero stress, we are here to help you and make you feel comfortable.
We even bet you’ll want to sing again after your performance.